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Bastendorf has 14 streets.
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Waterhuizen is a small town located in the province of Groningen, in the northeastern part of the Netherlands. Situated near the bank of the Winschoterdiep canal, Waterhuizen has a charming and tranquil atmosphere.

One of the main attractions in Waterhuizen is its picturesque landscapes. The town is surrounded by vast fields, meadows, and serene waterways, offering visitors a chance to unwind and connect with nature. Whether it's taking a leisurely walk or cycling along the canal, the beauty of the countryside is truly captivating.

Waterhuizen is also known for its rich history. The town was first mentioned in historical records dating back to the 14th century, and it has played a significant role in the region's maritime industry. Its proximity to the canal made it an important hub for shipping and trade in the past.

Today, Waterhuizen is a peaceful place where residents and visitors can enjoy a slower pace of life. The town has a small but close-knit community, and its friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to visit or even call home. Whether you want to explore its historic sites, enjoy the countryside, or simply relax by the water, Waterhuizen has something to offer for everyone.

Op der Tomm
Am Eck
Am Haff
Am Biedemchen
An der Lengt
An der Bamschoul
An der Gaass
Am Eessel