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Berdorf has 25 streets.
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About Wierden

Wierden is a charming city situated in the eastern part of The Netherlands. With a population of approximately 24,000 residents, it offers a perfect blend of rural tranquility and modern amenities. Nestled amidst lush green landscapes, Wierden is known for its scenic beauty and vibrant community.

One of the highlights of Wierden is its rich history, which can be witnessed in the architecture of its buildings. The city boasts several historic landmarks, including the majestic Wierden Windmill, which stands as a testament to the region's agricultural heritage. Strolling through the narrow streets, visitors can uncover the stories of the past.

Wierden is also a hub for sports and recreation enthusiasts. The city offers a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking and cycling along picturesque trails to horseback riding in the surrounding countryside. The nearby Wierdense Veld nature reserve provides ample opportunities for nature lovers to explore its diverse flora and fauna.

Additionally, Wierden hosts numerous cultural events throughout the year, showcasing the city's artistic spirit. The annual Wierden Cultural Festival brings together local musicians, artists, and performers, creating a lively atmosphere for both residents and visitors alike. The city's museums and galleries also provide a glimpse into the region's cultural heritage.

Rue de Grundhof
Rue de Consdorf
Am Pesch
An der Ruetsbech
Um Wues
Rue d'Echternach
Um Millewee
Am Kreppent
An der Laach
Rue Beronis Villa
Rue Raymond Petit
Am Saitert
Um Hammhaff
Beim Maartbesch
Um Biirkelt
Rue Michel Müller
An der Sank
An der Kéier
Rue Jos Keup
An der Heeschbech
Op Posselt
Um Rockelsbongert
Op Kisécker