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Wervershoof - The Charming City on the Shores of IJsselmeer

Welcome to Wervershoof, a picturesque city located in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. Situated on the shores of the beautiful IJsselmeer, Wervershoof offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and cultural heritage.

One of the main attractions of Wervershoof is its stunning waterfront. The city's location along the IJsselmeer provides residents and visitors with breathtaking views of the water, vibrant sunsets, and opportunities for water sports and recreational activities. The marina is a bustling hub for sailing enthusiasts and fishermen alike.

Wervershoof is also known for its rich history, dating back to the Middle Ages. The charming old town is adorned with beautiful and well-preserved historic buildings. Take a stroll through the narrow streets and discover hidden gems, such as the 17th-century Dutch Reformed Church, which stands as a testimony to the city's religious heritage.

For those looking to immerse themselves in the local culture, Wervershoof offers various events and festivals throughout the year. The Oogstfeest, or Harvest Festival, is a popular celebration of the city's agricultural heritage, featuring traditional music, dances, and delicious local cuisine.

Rue des Prés
Rue Biergerkräiz
Rue des Pins
Rue de Luxembourg
Am klenge Park
Rue Nicolas Goedert
Impasse Michel Kieffer
Rue des Bruyères
Rue du Tilleul
Rue de Schoenfels
Rue des Carrefours
Beim Antonskräiz
Val des Romains
Rue Paul Binsfeld
Rue de la Sapinière
Rue Henri Hemes
Rue des Genêts
Rue de l'École
Rue Jean Oster
Rue Henri Thill
Rue Camille Claudel
Rue Guillaume Stolz
Rue du Bois
Rue des Hêtres
Rue des Jardins
Rue Henri Moore
Rue Lucien Wercollier
Rue Willibrord Steinmetz
Rue J.-F. Kennedy
Rue François-Christian Gerden
Rue des Bouleaux
Bei de 5 Buchen
Rue Jean Arp
Rue des Carrières
Rue Gewännchen
Rue de Steinsel
Allée Saint Hubert
Place Verte
Allée des Sorbiers
Impasse Flamo
Op der Dresch
Rue Mathias Perrang
Rue Robert Bintener
Op de Schëppen