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Colmar-Berg has 39 streets.
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About Aarlanderveen

Aarlanderveen is a charming village located in the western part of The Netherlands. It falls under the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn and is situated in the province of South Holland. With its rich history, natural beauty, and friendly community, Aarlanderveen is a wonderful place to live or visit.

One of the highlights of Aarlanderveen is its picturesque landscape. Surrounded by lush green fields, canals, and windmills, the village offers stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers, who can explore the scenic countryside by walking or cycling along the many trails.

Aarlanderveen is also known for its historic charm. The village dates back to the 13th century and has preserved its traditional architecture and character. Walking through its narrow streets, visitors can admire the charming old houses, small bridges, and the iconic village church, which adds to the enchanting ambiance.

The community of Aarlanderveen is warm and welcoming. They take pride in their village and actively participate in local events and activities. There are various community gatherings, festivals, and sporting events organized throughout the year, providing an opportunity for residents and visitors to come together and enjoy the spirit of Aarlanderveen.

Rue de Mertzig
Impasse de l’Industrie
Rue de Luxembourg
Rue des Ardennes
Avenue Gordon Smith
Rue Schantz
Rue Martzen
Rue Victor Kohner
Cité Morisacker
Rue des Jardins
Rue Belle-Vue
Rue Leseberg
Rue Grand-Duc Jean
Rue Prince Charles
Rue Grande-Duchesse Josephine Charlotte
Rue Princesse Maria Teresa
Rue Prince Henri
Zone Industrielle Piret
Rue du Faubourg
Cité Schouesbierg
Enneschte Wee
Rue de la Poste
An der Gaessel
Rue Langenfeld
Rue de l'Ecole
Rue de l'Alzette
Rue de Bissen
Rue Homecht
Rue Poutty Stein
Rue d'Ettelbruck
An der Sang
Rue Emile Reding
Rue François Krack