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Cothen, The Netherlands

Cothen is a picturesque village located in the Utrecht province of The Netherlands. With a population of around 3,500 people, it is a small but charming place to visit.

This quaint village is known for its rich history and beautiful countryside. Cothen is surrounded by lush green fields, old farms, and the stunning Kromme Rijn river, which adds to its idyllic setting.

Cothen is also famous for its fruit orchards, especially apple and pear trees. In fact, the village is often called the "Fruit Garden of Utrecht". During the spring, visitors can witness the blossoming of the trees, creating a breathtaking sight.

Whether you are interested in walking or cycling, Cothen is an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The village is situated near various nature reserves and offers scenic routes for both beginners and experienced hikers or cyclists. Exploring the nearby countryside is a must-do activity in Cothen.

Um Bëschelchen
Rue Charles Kieffer
Rue des Champs
Rue Luss Arendt
A Wonesch
Rue Principale
Un der Atertlinn
Rue de Kleinbettingen
Rue Dr Elvire Engel
Rue Gustave Loosé
Rue de Kahler