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Hostert has 26 streets.
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About Hoek

Hoek is a small town located in the southwestern part of the Netherlands. Situated in the province of Zeeland, Hoek offers a charming and tranquil atmosphere that attracts both tourists and locals alike.

One of the main highlights of Hoek is its picturesque location by the water. The town is nestled between the Westerschelde estuary and the nearby nature reserves, providing stunning views and ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy boating, fishing, or simply taking a leisurely stroll along the coast, Hoek has something to offer for everyone.

In addition to its natural beauty, Hoek also boasts a rich history. The town has roots dating back to the Middle Ages, and it played a significant role in the Dutch struggle for independence against Spain. Visitors can explore the historic landmarks and learn about Hoek's fascinating past through guided tours and museum visits.

Hoek is also known for its friendly community and lively events. The town hosts various festivals and cultural events throughout the year, including music concerts, art exhibitions, and traditional celebrations. These events provide an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience the warm hospitality of the people of Hoek.

Chemin de Rambrouch
Rue de Folschette
Chaussée St Martin
Rue du Coin
Rue Principale
Rue de la Cité
Rue des Romains
Rue des Roses
Rue des Jardins
Rue de Nagem
Rue Jean-Pierre Kommes
Rue du Scheid
Rue de la Source
Rue de la Gare
Rue Principale
Rue Andethana
Op der Aeppeltaart
Chemin de l'Eglise
Op der Bunn
Rue de la Montagne
Rue de Lannen
Rue des Muguets