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Eemnes has 157 streets.
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About Eemnes, The Netherlands

Eemnes is a charming town located in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Situated just 20 kilometers east of Amsterdam, Eemnes offers a tranquil and picturesque setting with a rich historical background. The town is known for its welcoming atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, and well-preserved traditional architecture.

One of the main attractions in Eemnes is its historic center, which dates back to the medieval times. Walking through the narrow streets, visitors can admire the traditional Dutch houses with their distinctive architecture. The town also boasts several historic landmarks, such as the Grote Kerk, a beautiful church built in the 15th century, and De Zwaan, a historic windmill that still operates today.

Nature lovers will find plenty to explore in Eemnes. The town is surrounded by lush green fields, picturesque canals, and idyllic countryside. It is an excellent destination for cycling and hiking enthusiasts, as there are many well-marked routes and trails that showcase the natural beauty of the area. In addition, Eemnes is located near the Gooi en Vecht region, which is known for its stunning landscapes and nature reserves.

Eemnes has a vibrant cultural scene, with various events and activities taking place throughout the year. The town hosts regular markets, festivals, and concerts, showcasing local talent and traditions. Visitors can also enjoy the diverse culinary scene, with a range of restaurants and cafes offering both traditional Dutch dishes and international cuisine.