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Ursem has 61 streets.
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About Ursem, The Netherlands

Ursem is a charming village located in the province of North Holland in The Netherlands. With a population of approximately 1,900 residents, Ursem offers a peaceful and tranquil environment for its inhabitants. Situated in the agricultural heartland of the country, the village is surrounded by beautiful countryside and picturesque landscapes.

One of the main attractions in Ursem is the historic village center. It features traditional Dutch architecture, including well-preserved buildings and charming streets. Visitors can stroll through the village and admire the quaint houses and shops, which give Ursem its unique character.

The village is also known for its thriving agricultural industry. The fertile soil and favorable climate make Ursem an ideal location for farming. Local farmers cultivate a variety of crops, including potatoes, vegetables, and flowers. In fact, Ursem is often referred to as the "Potato Capital" due to its significant production of this staple food in the region.

Despite its small size, Ursem offers a range of recreational activities for both residents and visitors. The surrounding countryside is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, with numerous biking and hiking trails to explore. Additionally, there are several charming cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Dutch treats and relax after a day of exploration.